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    “As a medical fitness professional I am always looking for an edge in human performance and speeding recovery of injuries. I have tried just about every supplement that’s available, and I can say that Zynergy works! It reduces pain from old injuries, increases strength and endurance, and provides mental clarity and focus. I’m a mountain, rock and ice climber and using this stuff makes me feel absolutely unstoppable, even invincible.

    “It’s doing things to me that I can’t really even put into words. One thing is for sure; I know I’m vibrating on a much higher level than ever because I can feel the vibrations. Truthfully I didn’t think this stuff was going to do anything at all – but I’m a believer now. I know twenty people from my practice that need this stuff right now.

    “Now to some more technical information I believe applies and I’m including this because I think you’re right on the money where ATP and creatine are concerned. The “Holy Grail” (excuse the pun) for athletic performance is to maintain ATP, or adenosine triphosphate (three phosphates), at a certain level of energy. Since I know you’re probably going to put this letter somewhere on your Website I think I’d better explain. ATP is the energy currency for cells, no matter what cell type they are. When that currency is to some degree or another spent, it gives up a phosphate molecule (or molecules) and converts to ADP, or adenosine diphosphate (two phosphates). Lactic acid is the byproduct of that conversion and begins to take over during the activity, which weakens, for example, the muscles when under strain.

    “ATP is the higher energy currency while ADP is the lower energy currency. The way to maintain ATP is to “recharge” it, or to input energy by giving it the third phosphate (thus triphosphate). I think what’s happening, and this is just an educated opinion, is that the monatomics, being a foundational food, are fueling ATP directly and indirectly by increasing the production and uptake of creatine phosphate, which is also an ATP recharger. You have on your Website that indium increases the uptake of creatine by as much as 500 times, but I think the monatomic gold does it on an even more foundational and effective level. That Zynergy has both in it speaks loudly for what it does, and the only conclusion that can be reasonably drawn is that accelerated cellular regeneration is the result.

    “It’s really this simple: it keeps you aerobic instead of letting you degenerate to anaerobic. How anything with this much energy can also make you feel so calm and at peace is almost paradoxical. It’s pure love! Send me a gallon!

    “But I think the Kirlian photography tells that tale as well as anything could. Those are beautiful images. Anyway, I don’t care what you do with this letter, but at least add it to the ‘archives.'”

    Glenn Streeter, Medical Fitness Services, Inc. Golden Colorado

    Eric Sutton

    Hi Erik, I am writing to tell you about how impressed I am with your monatomic gold products.  In june of 2006 I was diagnosed with colorado tick fever which rapidly became viral menengitis and incephelitis. As is often the case with standard western medicine concerning viral illness, there was nothing to be done but to ride it out and hope for the best. At my worst point, I am told that I did not open my eyes or move for 2 days. For months I could not work or exert myself physically or mentally without side effects such as slurring my speach, severe headaches, and severe fatigue. I was on anti-nasea medication normally taken by patients to counteract effects from chemo-therapy medication. I took Zango juice as an antiviral help and rode it out for months. I gradually improved enough to work again with more minor versions of the symptoms until I pushed to hard months later and found the symptoms kicking in more severely again. I immediately took some time off to recover and during this time learned of monatomic gold. I ordered some aquagold from you after researching it and you pretty thoroughly. I began working again as I needed to pay bills and prior to recieving the gold and realized I was pushing it a bit. I would work partial days and often essentially pass out when I finished my day and got home. The day I got home and found the gold waiting for me, I was ready to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening laying down and falling in and out of sleep. Instead, I took a couple of teaspoons of it straight from the bottle, and proceeded to spread a half a dumptruckload of gravel by hand around my driveway that had been sitting there waiting for me for the last month. My headache left, my fatigue abruptly improved and continued to gradually do so until it all left. I have continued to taken the aquagold on a somewhat regular basis ever since and have evaded every cold and flu or other illness that has run through my house, as well as erasing the fogginess and mental unclarity that was left by the incephalitis. I have been taking the gold since september of 2007 and plan to continue to do so indefinitely. Thank you Erik for your research into and development of these products. Sincerely, Eric Sutton.

    Sunday, April 27, 2008 5:19 PM

    I just wanted to let you know how much zenergy is helping me! At 62 my mind
    has really slowed down. With
    Zenergy i keep my FOCUS much longer, can understand better and can
    communicate much better. It takes a dropper full to provide me with
    this capability and therefore I can only use it once or twice a week.
    Any suggestions on getting better use of your product?

    Peacxe, Gary Becker

    Sat, 12 Apr 2008 13:23:55


    I wanted to write you with a little bit of feedback on my experience with Zynergy so far (4 weeks). This is an amazing substance. It seems to be highly conscious and alive. The day my bottle arrived, I set it on the altar in my meditation room until I had a chance to sit with it later that day. When I did sit down for meditation, the bottle (still wrapped in the shipping envelope) was about 3 feet in front of me. Within seconds of sitting, I could feel a very strong field emanating from the package. Now comes an interesting part.

    As I opened the package and began to unwrap the bottle of Zynergy, my cat comes walking into the room and asks for some. I thought this a bit odd and continued to unwrap the package. As I did so, she became more insistent…as if she knew what it was. As I opened the bottle the first time, a couple drops spilled onto my leg. I wiped this up with my finger and offered it to her and and she lapped up every bit…and began to lick my leg where the Zynergy had fell. I took the rest that had fell on another part of my leg (maybe 5 drops) as my first dose and immediately felt a balancing throughout my body and an increased sensitivity. Soon my cat and I settled into medititation. Shortly thereafter, I experienced a bout of giddiness that, when released as laughter, turned into euphoria. My cat just continued in a steady meditation…I could feel her energy had balanced as well. I know my cat is a very conscious being, but I was very surprised at her interaction with Zynergy…every time I take out the bottle when she is in the room, she asks for some.

    For dosages, I’ve settled into about 3 drops per day, sometimes a little more, sometimes none at all. More than that–say more than a half dropper–seems not so much like “too much” in terms of an overload, but superfluous…more doesn’t seem to have more effects except for a short-term amplified euphoria. 3 drops increases my sensitivity to energy, has balanced my fat metabolism (I don’t have the measurements, but I’ve visably lost some body fat, and increased my weight by 2-3 pounds–muscle gain it seems), and have experienced increased manifestation–whatever it is I’m experiencing is amplified. For the manifestation aspect, I caution people using Zynergy that have not developed some way to transform their emotional states through some yogic/meditational discipline–I suggest that you find some way to do so before and while you are using this…you’ll really get to see in the physical world what our minds can be like. I have experienced first-hand what a little bit of anger and frustration can do when supported by Zynergy…and it’s not exactly pleasant. The wonderful side of this is that Zynergy also supports shifting or transforming states like anger into compassion very quickly.

    I just placed an order for a bottle each of rhodium and iridium to see what they add to the mix. Thank you so much for your wonderful offering to the world.


    Timothy Yuen


    [May 13, 2005]

    Dear Jason,

    By the end of last year I was going to open a new (larger) PPA. You send me all the details and then you heard nothing from me… For this I appologize. Lots of things, good things, has happenend to me. It changed my life so much that I litterally lost contact with you. All these changes are somehow connected to the use of your products… You may use this for your testimonials section if you want.

    I am a Dutch male, 40 years old and I am a professional healer. When I received my first parcel with ZP products, I started to experiment. I had used a gold elixer from another manufacturer for a month before I started to use Zynergy. I choose Zynergy for myself because it matched my needs better than Portal. Some of my clients I supplied with Portal because they did not need Indium in their elixer and some of them were not ready for any of the ZP products. But most of them use Zynergy and are very happy with it. ZP states that there is not a correct dosage for Zynergy and Portal and that you will have to find the ideal quantity yourself. The leaflet said you can do that by raising the quatity until you feel a bit uncomfortable and then you tone it down a bit. So I did and I came out on 7 drops a day. Soon I learned that the use of gold elixers (Zynergy and Portal more than the one I used before), increases the flow of light into one’s physical body and the energy field that surrounds it.

    (You have to know that for me, light & love like darkness & fear, are different words for the same thing. So when I say the one I also mean the other). Then I got curious about that uncomfortable feeling you get when you take more than the “correct” amount of drops. I learned that the light in your energyfield/body gets so powerfull that it starts to collide with the darkness you surrounded yourself with. In other words; take too much and you fears will be triggered!

    I know for a long time that most diseases/illnesses are caused by fear, if not all and if you want to heal yourself you should concentrate not so much on the symptom but more on the energies of low frequency that are usually parked on the organ that doesn’t function optimal. Often it is a fearbased belief with a fearbased emotion and a feeling of fear anchored in the physical body that causes an organ to disfunction. If you would invite such a cluster of darkness into your hart, if you would embrase it, it will dissolve.

    I was already in the process of embrasing my darkside when I started to use Zynergy, Rhodium and Irridium but these products made it so ridiculously easy to locate and transform fear that spiritual growth really became a piece cake.

    I have been looking forward to use the Gold Powder since I started Zynergy and I was going to wait exactly the one month that Zero Point demands before they are willing to sell you the stronger stuff. However, the light-beings that help me to heal others, advised me to use Zynergy at least 6 or 7 months before taking to the Gold Powder.

    They explained that spiritual growth is much like a long journey. You can walk, drive or take a bus etc.. All means of transportation come with their own speed. They told me that taking Zynergy would be like going on a bullit-train, especially the way I was using it. It goes very fast but you can still see the landscape, the climate and culture change. On the other hand, taking Gold Powder is like flying a jet. You will get there in no time but you will miss out on lot of things. Getting to the destination is one thing, to experience the ride consiously and joyfully is even more important.

    I did not like this advice. I wanted spiritual growth a.s.a.p. but I decided to take it easy and stayed in the bullit-train. Now, after 7 or 8 months of taking Zynergy and a less potent gold elixer, the train stopped. There is nothing else that Zynergy can give me and I am ready for the Gold Powder and maybe even Icarus…

    Jason, you might wonder how did all this lead to losing contact with Zero Point? Well, it is simple. If you put energy in something, consiously or not, you make it manifest, you attact it. Fear generates lot of energy which causes lot of things that you don’t want in your life. Dissolving fear stops that proces.

    With the help of your products, Jason, I got rid of almost all energies of low frequency, of all darkness. This resulted in a reunion with my wife, a new wonderfull house, a raise in income etc. You could say that all things that happen in my life nowadays are merely lovebased. Which is great.

    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.Alain Chardet


    [May 11, 2005]

    As nature and heredity would have it, I have been riddled with depression and anxiety my entire life. I have found myself to be very unapproachable to others regardless of how much I tried to appear cheerful. Since starting on the Zynergy/Iridium/Gold Powder, I no longer feel the urge to run to the medicine cabinet for a valium when I get stressed. People seem to seek me out to say hello. A lot of my business is done over the phone and I have been told so many times since I have begun taking these things that people get a good feeling from me.

    What a miracle to finally be able to project outwardly what I felt inside all these years and re-focus all the anxiety and worry to learning and deepening my understanding and awarness of the world around me. I checked the option for calling me if you wish, but I am not requesting a call. I know how busy you are.

    Thanks Jason!Dionne Hall


    Hi Jason. Thanks for responding. Things in Happy Valley are DELUSIONAL as always [he’s speaking of Provo, Utah]. Truth and reality here rivals that of Disney Land. This is only my third day using Zynergy. The effects were immediate(tingling and vibrating in the hands, feet, lungs and throat) and unmistakable. My day starts about 2am and getting and maintaining energy and focus has always been a problem. All this has changed abruptly. The last two mornings I have had more than enough energy, physically, mentally and spiritually, to accomplish everything I’ve needed to accomplish. To me this is truly miraculous. If things continue this way I’ll be looking to help a lot of people using your product. Merlin would have loved this!! I’ll be more than happy to let you know how things progress.



    Greetings Jason!

    I wanted to send you a report as to how I’m doing on the ZPTech products that I ordered nearly 1 month ago. Feel free to publish this, if you so desire.

    When I first ordered, I picked up a bottle of Zynergy, Iridium, Rhodium, and a gram of white powder gold (ZP Powder). Since I had not taken any substantial amounts of m-state before, you made me promise to not use the powder until I first used the Zynergy for a while. You mentioned the power of the ZP Powder and that it should not be misused by taking it too early before priming myself. I heeded your advice and since then, I am glad that I did. The powder is indeed powerful and it I am glad for your advice. More on that later.

    I started my m-state program with daily doses of Zynergy, Rhodium, and Iridium. On the day that I received my supplements, I was busy constructing a swing set for my daughter in the backyard. It’s one of those elaborate wooden sets that you see in many yards nowadays, and I was starting to get a little tired (I was doing it by myself). I took my first dose at around noon, and I felt an almost immediate boost of energy. For most of the day, I was able to work at a quick pace with no shortage of energy. The only thing that stopped me was that my skin was starting to burn, (it was a hot, cloudless day, and the sun was out in full force).

    For the next two weeks, I took my daily doses of Zynergy, Rhodium, and Iridium every morning before driving into work. Some of the effects that I noticed was a subtle clarity, calmness, a sharper focus, and an increase in my awareness of my surroundings. Also very interesting, while on the supplements, it seemed as though my energy and brainwaves were all “aligned”. In fact, I meditate on a daily basis. I currently use a meditation program that uses binaural brain beats to modify and align my brain waves. These meditations are designed to bring one’s brain waves slowly down into Theta and Delta ranges. Before using ZP Tech products, when utilizing these meditations I would easily feel the “dive” as I was being pulled down into lower and calmer frequencies. Interestingly enough, while on the ZP Tech products, I noticed that while meditating, I didn’t notice the effect of being pulled down. As I sat there meditating, I wondered what the problem was. Why was I not feeling the “dive” that I always felt? Then it hit me.. I was already there! It seemed that even before meditating, I must have already been functioning at the “Theta” level! Very cool!

    Otherwise, the effects were mostly what I described above.. I didn’t detect any spiritual or psychic changes as some users have noticed, but I also know that every person has different experiences. I think that these elements target what is deficient and brings these lacking attributes up to speed.

    I had initially planned to take the Zynergy until the bottle was empty (and then move into the powder). I estimated that on the rate of consumption that I was on, the .5 oz bottle was going to last roughly 3 weeks. After two weeks, I felt the urge to take the powder. Originally, I had not planned to take the powder yet, but one night, I was sitting at the computer and I felt what can only be described as a “calling”. It was in the evening which would have been uncharacteristic of me to start a new supplement, as I preferred mornings, (incase it wired me out). I instead listened to my gut, I opened the powder and took a very small (tiny pinch) and put it under my tongue. Immediately, I felt a very curious strangeness. I can’t describe every sensation that I felt, because I can’t think of the words to describe all of it. I followed my dosage of powder with small doses of iridium and rhodium. Within a minute, I felt a tightness around my head and a pressure on my forehead. It almost felt as if I put on a hat, (I’ve heard some people call this the “hat band” effect). My vision became very clear and sharp. Colors seemed more vibrant as well. Time seemed to slow down a bit (yet my mind had not), and my mood was very mellow. I felt so good, and there were bits and pieces of euphoria mixed in. I derived plenty of entertainment from just sitting on the couch and “feeling” the world around me. For the last two weeks, I have notice very positive effects from taking the powder. It is indeed very powerful, even at the smallest doses. I cannot imagine how some can take a quarter of a gram dose, (as mentioned on the website). A quarter gram would send me to the moon! I have also noticed a higher level of clairvoyance that I had not experienced before taking the powder… There are times when our ESP helps to guide us, and many of us simply follow our gut “instinct”. Since the powder, I have had much more than a gut instinct. I have had nagging “feelings” that have helped to direct my life (almost on the level of visualizations).

    Other effects of the powder have been profound. The world just “seems” different. I feel different in my body as well. Only one word can really describe it, and that word is “smooth”. Everything seems so “smooth”. I don’t get nearly as irritated and impatient as I did before, (I can be very impatient at times) but now, I just don’t see any reason to get worked up over anything. The powder has helped me to change the way I look at things, and as a result, the things I look at have changed.

    Sleep! Yes, sleep is deeper than ever! Since being on the powder, I sleep so deep that I almost never remember ever having dreamt about anything. It feels like I sleep deeper than it is possible to have dreams. The difference that I have noted is that some people note that they require less sleep, while I seem to be requiring more sleep. I wonder if this is a process of healing that I am undergoing? This isn’t the case all of the time, just most of the time.

    Overall I love the powder. It is indeed powerful as you stated, and it was good that you insisted that I prepare myself in the way that I did. Unfortunately, I cannot compare the results to other products as this is the first white powder gold that I have taken, but despite that, I am hooked! I have noticed numerous improvements, mostly with higher awareness. It’s amazing that with such a minute dose, it seems to be doing so much for me. My thanks to you for providing such an amazing and uplifting product. I will continue to use ZP Powder as well as your other products in the future!

    Blessings and Abundance,
    C. Fetzer



    Osiyo Jason,

    This is Yona. It has been my intent to get to you sooner, but, since we received the Zynergy, we have been busy. I can not tell you how much I love the product. It is all I have read and been told, and more. I have to admit, I am working with the higher dosages as it is my intent to work in the higher frequencies and do my part in the Shift of the Ages. Finding you and your products was no accident. I already know who I am and what I am doing here on the Earth Mother. This product is just another gift of Spirit to accelerate the evolutionary process so that we may accomplish all we have come to do. Wado, (Thank you) for your sincerity and work. My wife and I are taking the Zynergy and there is an incredible peace beyond what we already knew. I look forward to trying other products as well as being a distributor. Incredible, beyond words, and powerful, it will open you up and let the Light in. Thanks again.

    With Respect
    Yona, Principal Chief
    Unified Free Cherokee Nation [Please visit their brilliant and inspiring Website.]


    Osiyo Jason,

    I want to share a little more of the results of the Zynergy. It is so powerful and healing there is no way to describe it. I can only share some of the attributes it has brought to “LIGHT” with me. At the physical level, I will be 54 years old on the 28th of July. My back was hurting constantly. I lived in pain. Just a couple days ago, I was telling some folks who were here about the stuff and my wife said, “You know, you have not complained about your back pain for a while now”. Remember, I have only been taking it for three weeks. I also have what I call a 54 year old prostate. My stream had slowed and I was seeing old age and maybe cancer on the horizon. Anyway, in a short period of time, I am experiencing, well, let’s just say, a real stream of relief. I know how a race horse feels again. At the higher levels, my frequency has gone up quite noticeably. I am clear, I am open, I am achieving the next step in my spiritual evolution. I will say this about that. We are in the End Cycle of the Age. We are going to experience the Shift of the Ages in the not too distant future. It is no quoincidence that the information and the White Powder has re-surfaced at the time it has. We need to move through things as quickly as possible. The Universe in its wisdom, its balance, is facilitating the next natural step through folks such as yourself and your company. Wado (Thank You), not only to you, but to all the Alchemists that are out there seeing that it is available. Chee-Quay-You, (Love)

    Yonv, Principal Chief
    Unified Free Cherokee


    Sirs: Just a few words to express my astonishment after using Zindium. As an engineer I am not given to rash opinions or sudden judgements, but within minutes of my initial dose what I experienced was beyond words. I was overcome by a sense of euphoria and well being that is impossible to describe. My energy levels after 3 days were beyond belief, but not like a caffene or artificially induced energy, but a very calm, balanced, and vibrant form of natural energy. My average work day is 16 hours, but after the first week I noticed I wasn’t hitting the wall anymore or reaching for the coffee. I now have a clarity of thinking and focus I never thought possible. How you do this without drugs or chemicals is beyond my understanding, but I do know I will be using your products for many years to come. I can’t wait to evaluate Zynergy! You may use my name and this unsolicited critique anyway you want. You could sum up your product in one word. Fantastic!!! Sincerely, Kahn Ivey


    And again from Mr. Ivey:

    Hello Pamala. Always an upper talking to you. Thanks for your time and  patience with these phone orders. I just sent a money order in the amount of  $138 for the Zynergy, Zindium, Rhodium, and Iridium. You should get it this week. If for some reason you miscalculated the shipping costs just let me know.  You guys have to stay in business and make a profit or I won’t be able to buy  your wonderful products anymore! As I explained I have no intention of making  any of your products. In ten lifetimes I couldn’t even come close to what you  have. The structured water I am working with works differently. There is no  “feel good” qualities about it, basically it’s a source of unlimited electrons, unlike anti-oxidants, and it has the ability to neutralize free radicals, which we all know are very destructive to cells. It actually works fine as it is but I have been trying for quite a while to “energize” it to enhance it’s action. That  was my interest in the overunity device you guys use, but on a practical level  I can understand [Clark’s] reluctance to give out specific details. I don’t have  the funds or the business savvy to start a company and don’t intend to. Like  Jason told me, I am also basically just a guy with a screw driver and a lot of ideas. Mostly I make the stuff up and give it to friends and acquaintances who  have heard about me thru word of mouth and I enjoy helping if I can. I think it  will take years for you guys to full realize the magnitude of the healing  powers of your products. I have never written a testimonial for any product, but  because of the incredible effects of the Zindium, which were felt immediately, I am for your company. Like Spock used to say “live long and prosper.”

    Thanks  again, Kahn Ivey



    Hi Jason

    As promised, here is the write up about my Amri Nadi nectar experience:

    Part 1:

    I started using Zynergy about a month ago and on my second time taking it was surprised to notice the intensely sweet taste that is commonly assumed to be related to the production of glandular fluid associated with the activation of the higher chakras. I did suspect this may be an aftertaste of the product, since certain types of monatomic/diatomic powders have been described as having the sweet taste of honey or freshly baked bread. The fact that this I have only tasted this flavour twice whilst I have been using Zynergy, however, suggests I was wrong in this suspicion. Along with this phenomenon I also feel the energising effects of the product more strongly and definately feel in a wonderfully sedate frame of mind which lasts for several hours.

    It would be hard to describe the taste of Amrit Nadi nectar because it is both familiar and unlike anything else I have tasted before. I was surprised at how delicious the flavour was and that it was so intense yet also very subtle, containing a number of flavours within it. I guess, as it is extremely sweet, you could call it a dry honey or Stevia taste, but without their syrupy qualities.

    Part 2:

    Thanks for sending me Zynergy. I have been using it for over a month now and have been getting exceptionally good results. The energising effects can be felt only a few minutes after ingestion and sometimes have been accompanied by a strong flavour on my tongue that I associate with the release of Amrit Nadi nectar.

    I am very new to any form of spiritual practice but I have found since using Zynergy that my progress has really taken off. I am sometimes able to almost immediately attain meditative states of awareness during relaxation after Yoga lessons and my Tai Chi instructor is amazed that I am now able to greatly extend the amount of time I spend in challenging Chi Gong poses. This increase in stamina also applies to my mind. I am much more able to handle the stresses of my job with serenity and have noticed occaisions when my intelligence and memory (for long strings of numbers especially) are greatly enhanced.

    Again many thanks, and I look forward to trying some of your other products.Michael B



    Dear ZPTECH people:

    I received my 1/2 oz. bottle of Zynergy yesterday. I took a full dropper for my first dose (as the sheet you included recommends) and it was nuts!! Throughout the entire day it felt as though I was “shifting”. I’m not quite sure how else to explain it. It was almost like my perception would occassionally increase to off the chart levels for a few seconds at a time, then subside. I’m experiencing it a little while sitting here typing this. I also experienced many vibrations yesterday…especially while meditating. Tomorrow I will begin a two day fast with a half dropper dosage each day and see what happens! I also said “screw you” to my ADD medication yesterday! Thanks ZPTECH!!


    [And again from Dan]


    I’m going to go ahead and write this. The day is almost over and I’ve noticed some more things.

    This is day three. I have noticed more “shifting”. More frequency, less intensity. It’s as though I kind of leave for a second and come back. This seems to happen every time I move my eyes. Very weird, but true. Let me try to explain this. The “ambient noise” we all hear when in a room by ourselves suddenly increases (even though I may be in a noisey room), my perception seems to literally fly off the chart then become subdued again. I’m a very articulate person and this is very difficult for me to explain. I notice that when I’m watching TV, I can see through a lot more of the bullshit (pardon that use of a linguistic crutch). I can read people better. The news, reality shows, etc…it seems as though I simply have a better idea of what is fake and what is real. I literally cannot stand to be in the same room with the news if it’s on the TV. I never have like it, but now I HATE it and I don’t hate anything. It makes me cringe. I have this bizarre feeling deep in my gut that tells me that it’s fake. I read BBCnews.com once a day and am far less bothered by that than I am U.S. news programs. I’m sure that is partially because I choose what I read as opposed to having it all thrown in my face.

    My concentration is excellent. I’m sure I still have some of my ADD meds in my system, though. I feel, however, that my abilities from the medication lie on a different vibrational plane than those abilities that come from the Zynergy. Yesterday, I was typing in messages to a friend of mine over Yahoo IM and I became very absorbed in what I was doing. I felt as though I was somehow set aback from the keyboard, almost like I wasn’t even in the same room with the computer.

    I don’t believe in ADD anymore, at least not in the traditional sense. I sincerely feel that society has these labels for these different disorders only because it feels the need to keep everyone wrangled in the barn. From my experience, most people with “ADD” are extremely gifted, free thinkers that do pose a significant threat to the “order” that is determined for us on a daily basis…innocent indigo children that only know the true way to live. If anyone is reading this that believes to the contrary then wake up folks. Someone needs to be smelling some strong coffee.

    My meditations are enhanced as well. I quickly find myself at the same place in 30 minutes that previously took me and hour or more to reach. It is an adjustment, though. I’m having to modify my technique. My brain is already working at theta levels when I lie down, so I have to skip a few steps that would have normally gotten me to theta a week ago. My sleep is odd, to say the very least. I normally require a lot of sleep. Night one, I had great difficulty going to sleep and woke up with a horrible headache. Night two, I had no difficulty going to sleep as I waited much later to try. I still woke up with a pounding headache. So far it’s the only thing I don’t like..the headaches. Tonight, I will go to bed at 1 am, but set my alarm for 6. I feel as though the sleep is so deep, that it’s something my body simply can’t handle…yet! I’m hoping less sleep at a greater intensity should fix my headache problem. I hope anyway. It’s not a problem of me taking the Zynergy too late. I always consume it between 8 and 10 am. Full dropper day one, four drops day two, and one half dropper day three is what I’ve done. From now on I will be doing four drops every morning.

    So, it’s good to eat a lot while taking Zynergy, huh? I almost wish you hadn’t said that. 😉

    Overall I do notice that my body is getting used to this! This is serious business. Your recommendation of taking Zynergy before the powder is spot on if the powder is as strong as you say it is.

    I guess that’s it for now. I’ll keep you apprised if anything else significant happens. I’ve put a couple bugs in some friends’ ears. They say they’re gonna order soon. I would be very interested to see my EEG. I’m sure it’s nuts.

    Have a good day all! Keep up the great work!!Dan B.
    Greenville, IN



    Dear Jason,

    I have been using the Zynergy for about 4 months. Just wanted to thank the staff at ZPtech. The effects are wonderfull. I have more energy (sometimes too much, I think) and there is a feeling of calmness, of “knowing”, of clarity of mind. About a month ago I also started using the gold powder, but not on a regular basis. It is powerfull stuff!

    In one of the Zynergy bottle, I noticed some particles (could be crystals) on the bottom. Can these particles or crystals be dissolved in water? Keep up the great work you are doing! Thank you again.

    LokMie Tjang
    Zwolle, the Netherlands



    I am a night manager at Embassy Suites Hotel; my job at times can be a very stressful with large banquet events and parties in the guest suites. One month a go, on a busy Friday or Saturday night I would be here until about 2:00am working anywhere from 10 to 14 hours non stop dealing with guest issues. Since I have started taking the Zynergy product that you offer my job has changed drastically, I now rarely work more than 9 hours. I have noticed changes large and small.

    One of the first things I noticed is how people gravitate towards me and have a sort of understanding for me. Two months a go if I had to do an eviction for a large number of guest causing a disturbance it would take about four trips to their suite to tell them to break it up and leave the hotel, this process usually took about 45 minutes to an hour.

    Well, just this last week we had a group of people check in to have a party (These were some “Rough” people) and within two hours there were about 70 to 80 people in two suites doing illegal activities and getting rowdy. This was an eviction that I expected the cops to get involved in because of the type of crowd. Well when I went up to talk with the registered guest I explained the situation and told her in so many words that she has five minutes to handle it or I will. Within one minute (No joke) 60 of the roughest people left the hotel and apologized on the way out, no questions asked! Even when people who have not yet arrived for the party showed up, I did not even have to ask them to leave because before I had a chance the registered guest already told them to find another place to party. This is an example of the understanding that I get from complete strangers. After this happened my staff was blown away asking me what I said and how I got them to do that because in the last three years none of us have seen an eviction go that smooth.

    On another note I am one of the most dyslexic people you will ever meet. When I read it is like putting together one of those scrambled word puzzles where you need to rearrange the letters and make the word, so what I have always been doing which is easier for me is reading the shape of the word and not actually looking at the letters at all. Well since I have started taking Zynergy for only one month, not only is my comprehension through the roof but I swear that 90% of my dyslexia is GONE! I have a feeling this has to do with how much more focused I am and how clear my thoughts are.

    At work I used to do what seemed to be the work of five people and complete every task with 80% effort. After the first week I noticed that none of the work I was assigned was “Half done” and everything was much better quality than I used to do. After a month I am even asking other managers if they need any help with their tasks because I am so ahead of schedule. I get more done in the first three hours of my shift than I used to do in two days!

    To anyone reading this I can not stress enough, no matter how many testimonials you read it does not do Zynergy any justice. To really understand you just have to try it!

    Chris Ostrom



    At this point I’d like to comment on Zynergy and other products of yours.

    Zynergy did produced positive effects, but not without side effects (in my case). I wrote you about nails change (rayes nails). You said it would go away and would clear up. It did, but not after I started taking Rhodium,Iridium,Gold and other stuff.

    At this point I concoct my own mixes, the only thing I want to tell you may want to upgrade your Zynergy with Rhodium, Iridium for better results and to avoid negative effects that I had.

    My nails looked pretty scary at some point and someone else would freak up, but I suspected that I might just missing on something and that were Rhodium, Iridium. Also Aquamin helped to fill other gaps. I just want to say you should stress the importance of combinations on your site. And may upgrade Zynergy to a more complex blend.

    Lately I started mixing aqamin, rhodium,iridium, gold within one bottle of spring water and taking a sip a day. Works the best that way. It made great improvements for my mom’s health/mental state as well – real dramatic change. She is almost 70. After taking all these good stuff she said she feels like 35. She certainly looks much better and has much better energy.



    I have changed a lot internally (physically) as has the inner structure of my Being with these products. I am very grateful to have found them; and I thank you all for having the Vision to precipitate them into this dimension. They quantum leap healing and consciousness…..so that every day is a NEW beginning; and the sentiment does not remain dormant in a void. thanks. I like zero point tech’s stuff.Namaste


    Testimonial after use for 2 days….deep levels of peace, a sense that everything is ok, not ok but as it should be. In meditation introducing a suggestion…that i feel deep levels of love that can allow me to express and enhance peace on earth. Once this is felt deeply it becomes the source from which I live each moment of life. I can now act from this deeper place,not mental,but from intention.

    Gary Becker


    Both my wife and I began taking Zynergy last Friday, and the results have been surprising. I have a background in meditation and martial arts, and have, previously to taking Zynergy, connected with the energy center above my crown. My wife has practiced yoga for several years, but has not done much in the way of working with energy centers or meditation. We were both fairly skeptical, having experimented with various other products in the past with little or no effect. After taking Zynergy for two days, we both experienced unmistakably strong increases in the flow of lifeforce–I particularly feel a strong flow/streaming down from above the crown into my body. Our ability to connect our energy centers together has substantially increased, and the resulting flow is very powerful and facilitates a connection deeper than we have previously experienced. After 4 days, I had an extremely profound inner visionary experience without being in a dream/hypnagogic state or being in a deep trance–not only was it by far the clearest and most profound visionary experience I have ever had (and I have rarely had them before), but it occurred during “waking consciousness.” It has been a bit shocking, and to tell the truth I have reduced my dosage–but I have no doubt that your product performs as advertised, and am extremely impressed.Bill W., Woodland California




    Just got your order today. Thanks for making sure it got to me fast. I was very excited about this. Kept getting a positive feeling and a this is a good thing message.

    I am having already some sensation and effect from a miniscule amount, but it is a smooth flow. Is actually taking a headache I had away. It started with a band effect. Then went thru a few stages and is now a pleasant light buzz with a constant small high vibration. At one point I became more aware of the headache that I had but it lessening at the same time. This stuff is great!

    I am sorta keeping track of what’s happening so will be happy to give you feedback later. I keep getting the message that this stuff will produce some permanent change in my body-mind-spirit connection. If the health aspect of it is as good as I think it will be I will be starting my parents on it.

    Thanks again,
    Derek C


    Medical report: Visited Dr. on 16 jun 04. Blood pressure was 130/70. Just took it with my own equipment. Same thing, 130/70. What’s amazing is my blood pressure has been 140/90 or above since 1975. I have malignant hypertension. Or had. Took 4 medications a day to control it & the best I could do was 140/90. On my best days. I ran out of money & pills. I’m now taking only two meds for blood pressure & its lower than its been since, oh, say 1970. Is it the Zynergy? I think so. Or its discontinuing my meds, which is counterintuitive. I take five drops twice a day now, having started out with 2/3 of a dropperful twice a day.

    I had an MRI a few months ago. It showed I’ve had multiple small strokes & one “big” one. These strokes were probably caused by episodes where my blood pressure has gone as high as 243/130. The “small” strokes are called TIA’s.

    I’m not completely “cured” as I still have edema – mainly swollen ankles, although its not severe, & it has been much worse. Funny thing is, one of the medications I’ve run out of is hydrochlorothyazide, a diuretic. So my ankles should be a lot worse, instead of almost normal.

    My blood sugar level still requires a glucophage & my diabetic neuropathy still requires pain medication & Milgamma, a lipid soluble form of vitamin B1, used in Europe for neural regeneration. As well, I still have periods of foggy thinking & chronic fatigue, although my energy levels have improved since I began Zynergy, there’s no empirical measurement for this. But blood pressure is a simple pair of numbers. My doctor asked me how I got my blood pressure so low. I told her about Zynergy. She looked at me as if I were speaking a language she didn’t understand, but was being too polite to mention it. But she asked no questions, acting as if I’d said something crazy or indecent, like black magic or incest had lowered my blood pressure. She’s a nice enough person, for a blind simpleton. Besides, if one mocks the mentally deficient, they become violent. So we’ll go on being polite to each other.

    When I saw I was going to run out of medications, I tapered off my dosages, rather than abruptly stopping them. It is important to remember that these medications create a dependant state, just like narcotics. So, I think one should taper off the dosages. It took a week.

    John J



    As promised I wanted to share my experiences to add to your (I’m sure) growing log.

    I’ll start by giving a quick background. I am a 52 year old male in good health. I am slim and exercise regularly about ½ hour each day. I meditate daily for about an hour. I have been involved with Tachyon products from Advanced Tachyon Technologies for about 4 years. Their products act as Tachyon attractors. I love their pendants, etc. It’s actually their products that have inspired me along this journey. Lifeforce energy flow has become palpable and exciting. In this vein I always seek new AHHa experiences to fine tune, stabilize and increase the Life Flow. In that respect I entertain myself with Reiki, Crystals, and Elixirs. I have used Ormus type products in the past. The product I used was pleasant, it was a Gold Ormus. I enjoyed the light it offered but found no “push” to continue. With all that as a reference you can perceive that I’m quite interested in the awareness of living and Energy flow.

    I stumbled upon your products browsing curezone.com on an unrelated matter. Someone mentioned your site in a posting. I went to zptech and liked what I read. The site is informative and demonstrative-pictures and testimonials. I also liked what I considered a very reasonable price for Ormus materials. So I started with the Aquamin and Zynergy. I later (1 month later) added the AquaGold to supplement.

    I have essentially been on the products for 2 months. I noticed a difference immediately but that is true of many elements that can offer change. I was/am looking for consistent long term balance and LifeForce Energy.

    My overall impression is that the products are life altering and as good as advertised. My experiences:

  • A tremendous amount of Light introduced. I feel “lighter”, things look brighter and more colorful (my definition of light is not in weight but in “spiritual light”).

  • My mind is razor sharp. Crystalline at that.

  • My present moment awareness is magnified. I find myself noticing color and nature automatically. My mind is sharp but relaxed, not hurried.

  • A pleasant glow surrounds my mood. My emotions are balanced and flowing.

  • Physically I feel unbeatable. My exercises are more intense just because my body feels like working harder – certainly not because I have to push it (odd no?). It’s pleasurable!

  • I’m also struck that the accumulation effect is greater than the initial impact. I seem to be in a rhythm with the products since the last couple of weeks where my ability to contain more LifeForce has increased. Allowing each day to pick up where it left of and add some…What I mean is that the balance is cummulative. Not like a food or vitamin that is stationary in time each time you take it. The monatomics continue a balance with each daily intake….which I hope makes sense.

  • Life just feels good!

    As an anecdote, in the 1st month I went with my 18 year old daughter to Nicaragua to build houses. It was 102 degrees. I had to push a 150 lb wheelbarrow up a hill to the build location. It was hard work. But I did my share and held my own with the 20 year olds (well mostly). Hey, I was impressed. And that was the physical side. I still think the LifeForce – emotional, spritual side is even greater.

  • Thanks for your products. I foresee a long relationship!Bill O’Brien
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hello Jason and Everyone in the Office from Margarete up in Alberta.
  • I am just writing to let you know how I am doing with taken your stuff for about 3 months now. Well, it took me a while to figure out what is the best dose for my special allergy, (remember no sugar, no Vitamin C). So I take 3 drops of Zynergy, two onces of AquaGold, the mineral water with a bit of MSM added and my Essiac tea all at once first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it works great. I have gained weight and my nails and hair is growing.

    My skin has also dramatically improved. I don’t look so dragged anymore. But the most amazing thing is that my mental abilities have improved enormously. I can concentrate better and I have started to write again, which you can see. Oh yea, and one funny thing is happening: when I run with bare feet, and touch a light bulb, it flickers and glows, much to my grand children amazement (they tried to but it wouldn’t work with them.) Isn’t that neat?! My Husband is taking it now too, having seen the result with me, so I will be continuously ordering from you. I have also been telling my friends about your products. One of them is my pen pal, a nuclear physicist from Colorado, which found the benefits very interesting. For the people here it is somehow unbelievable and even though they can see the result they are very sceptical and reluctant to spend so much money, what can I say. To me, health is the most important thing in life, so there…

    Bye for now,Margarete

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • “Dear Jason,

    “I received my first order of Zynergy two days ago. I took 1/2 dropper the day I received it, and I felt an almost immediate response. I can’t tell you exactly how long this response took, but I noticed shortly after taking the first dose how peaceful and joyous I felt. This is important, because I have been suffering from serious panic attacks for nearly every day for the past year.

    “So this is only my third day of taking the product, and already my sleep is better (I was having insomnia), I am getting up feeling refreshed, and I remain peaceful with no panic attacks.

    “Now I wonder what the long term effects of this product might be, because the short-term effects are wonderful!”

    Mary, Tampa, FL


  • “I took a half of a dropper my first time and felt nothing, so about an hour later I took another half a dropper and still nothing. I was feeling a little bummed to say the least, I really wanted this to work for me. It must have been a good five hours later when I finally finished working on the web and I was tired. I laid down on the sofa and turned on the TV. Now since I became ill with Hepatitis C, my eye sight has been going and I am so blind I just can’t even see with my glasses. I can’t read, can’t drive and am having a very hard time working on my web. I started to watch TV and It was really clear. We have a big Screen TV and it was getting so it was blurry even with my glasses on. I sat up and took my glasses off and I could read the small print down in the corner that names the channel. I haven’t been able to watch TV without my glasses in years. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this product, it gives me hope and that is worth everything! And by the way, I feel great. I haven’t felt this good in years!”Jacqueline, Buckeye, AZAnd Again:

    “Just wanted to share my good news with you, and you can put it on your web as testimony if you want. Also got the other bottle of white powder Gold and almost afraid to take it. Says on the bottle is made with city water. It isn’t dissolved like the Zynergy and taste really weird.

    “I was feeling bad for a couple of weeks, thought my Hep C was coming back, had all the symptoms. I had a blood test done about a week ago. Today and yesterday started feeling so much better. Yesterday afternoon I got my blood results back and I am one happy mama. Not only am I still negative but ALL my blood levels are back to normal. WOW! This is amazing. THANK YOU GOD!!!

    “When I stopped the therapy, I was Hep C negative but all my levels were still high, the ALT’s, ALS’s, GLT’s and my platelets were really low, which means that I had inflammation in my liver and my immune systems was compromised. It takes a long time to build the immune system back, I know cause this is the third time that conventional medicine has compromised or wiped out my immune system. So here I am, in a matter of a month, back to normal.

    “I am taking 1 to 1 and 1/2 of the Zynergy per day and 1 teaspoon of AquaMin with my vitamins and 3 oz of the AquaGold every morning and it is working. Great Stuff!”

    And Again:

    “This is really good stuff! I got an infection in my eyes or a bad allergy, something. My eye’s were oozing and red, looked like Pink Eye, couldn’t see. I tried everything in them, Visine, tears, and nada. So I washed them with AquaGold and it cleared them right up. Is that amazing or what!”

    And Again:

    “The Zynergy is doing wonderful things for my body. I just love it, and so does Ed. You have two steady customers for as long as we live, kiddo. My skin is looking so much better, it seems like my wrinkles are going away and getting softer. Of course I am not expecting miracles, cause I am hitting sixty and one has to expect a few wrinkles. My wrinkles were really bad though from working on my garden in the sun for two years solid. I had a permanent tan all through the winter, but my skin started to look like a dried up river bed and got really thin and dry.

    “I cannot believe how much better it is looking. It is just amazing. Of course, I still need a lot of vamping cause that Interferon really did a number on me, on my skin and muscles, but even they are improving and I haven’t even started my pool therapy yet.”

    And Again:

    For months the Zynergy, along with the AquaMin, and AquaGold has been quietly working to heal my physical body. I was a good girl and stuck to my healthy diet of no milk products, no red meat, no caffeine, and very little sugar. I took my vitamins and Milk Thistle with the AquaMin. I always had an abundance of energy from it and in those months it has just improved my eyes, hair, skin, my libido, and healed my hepatitis C. In all that time I never felt any sort of expansion in my physic abilities, other than the brain fog lifting.

    Now that I am physically well, everything is starting to expand rapidly, and I am ready to completely open myself to it and soar as far as I can.

    It is just awesome how it has brought my sex drive back to life and not only that but I am having multi-orgasms like I use to when I was young. It’s wonderful – I LOVE IT!!!

    But the coolest part is the vibrations that I am feeling. I am feeling a warmth in my whole brain and it is there all the time, and it feels wonderful. I hope I can describe this event so it makes sense.

    It’s like my whole body is connected to the feeling, but instead of warmth in my body, it’s like all my senses have been heightened, even the hair on my arms. It’s like I have tentacles everywhere, picking up everything, but it feels good. And occasionally tingling sensations travel through my whole body and brain to the point of being downright erotic. My own touch excites me and my husband drives me wild.

    Beyond that, it is like I am picking up vibrations out of the air and from my plants and from the people around me. Just floating in the cold water in my pool is complete heaven. Floating is completely effortless for me because I am positive buoyant, I can only drown if my face is in the water, I just can not sink. I have to wear weights to deep sea dive. So the fantastic part of this is, that I can float in that wonderful water and meditate and I cannot even begin to describe the euphoria that I feel when I do this, other than to say that it is like being one with all things, space and time. Complete peace! Wonderful. So, I’m ready, take me to the next level.

    Jacqueline, AZ



  • “I am writing to thank you for the Portal and Zindium which I have been using with great results and to share my experience of them with you. I have been searching for and using monatomics regularly for several years now and I have tried a lot of what is currently available. I find your products to be much more potent and effective than anything else that I have tried to date.

    “I initially tried the Portal and Zindium separately to see their individual effects but now use them together as they are such a great combination. I felt the Indium as relaxing throughout the whole body and also as expansive in the brain region. It has a relaxing and focusing effect. The Portal took only three seconds to start working!! It went straight to the heart and I felt that whole area expand and then an overall expansion of my entire energy field. It continued to move through the solar plexus region and my energy expanded further. At this point, I sat down and observed what was happening. I was very peaceful, expanded, open and relaxed. I noticed that there was no sense of any movement of my mind nor any sense of having a “personality”. I was simply present, full of energy and aware of a pure inner happiness.

    “The experience continued to deepen over time and I was able to feel levels of releasing taking place in a very natural way. The expansion also continued and I sat for what I thought was about 15 minutes or so, only to find that three hours had gone by!!! These effects have continued in cycles since I have taken the Portal and Zindium. I am extremely happy with the results that I am getting on a transformational level as well as the additional benefits of more energy throughout the day, less need for sleep and they are also great mood enhancers!

    “Thank you so much for your wonderful products.”Susan G. Faber, VA

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • “Here are my comments on the ZPTech products I’ve used.

    “Zynergy (used for 2 months so far – half a dropper twice a day). The first day I used Zynergy I had about three quarters of a dropper before going to work. I definitely noticed an energizing, balancing effect that lasted thoughout the work day. That evening with dinner my wife and I had a glass of wine, which was our routine. My experience of the alcohol was definitely a “downer” – very different from how it usually felt. Since that day I haven’t had any alcoholic drinks, since the effects of Zynergy are much more positive and enjoyable. My ability (during meditation and thoughout the day) to experience more frequent and deeper states of “gracefulness” that aren’t gone in a few minutes or an hour has been great! I’m definitely able to be more “in the moment” and to allow life to just float along without concern. And my need for sleep has decreased – I’m now going to work (and coming home) earlier since I often wake up full of energy before my alarm goes off. And the Tantra is better than ever! My wife wants me to mention that she also notices a positive, profound shift in the focus of her consiousness after taking the Zynergy. This is truly an AWESOME product!


    “AquaMin (used for a month so far – 4 diluted ounces twice a day). Adding this to the Zynergy increased those effects in a very noticeable way. Apparently by allowing a more full spectrum bodily experience.

    “Rhodium/Iridium (used for 2 weeks so far – half a dropper twice a day). I felt an energizing of my 3rd eye the first time these were used. And over the next few days I sensed multiple times that different (previously asleep) parts of my brain were being energized. It’s really nice to take this right before my morning meditation. I haven’t had any psychic or visionary experiences (I’m not prone to those), but these elements have definitely brought a greater depth/strength to the experience of being in the flow of the Now. Twice this week I’ve had really “peak days” that were wonderful, and not experienced with that intensity before.

    “AquaGold (just received yesterday – had 4 ounces then and again this morning). I’ll admit I wondered if things could get even better adding this to the mix, and YES, they have. I felt a very nice tingling sensation in my brain last evening and this morning, and in my hands also. And as I was falling asleep last night (I wasn’t particularly tired even though we had gone hiking yesterday) I briefly connected with a feeling/intuition that I can only try to verbalize as “something wonderful is coming/happening”. Although it didn’t last long it was on my mind this morning after waking up at 5 AM with lots of energy. And this experience had a very different (higher and more awesome) feeling than anything I already described above. So the AquaGold can definitely open things up even more.

    “In conclusion let me say that I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful effects of these substances on my wife and I. They are truly incredible formulations that need to be tried by anyone who has an interest in higher consciousness. Thank you Zero Point Technologies!”

    Mark Meyer, Hawaii ~~~~~~~~~~”I’m making great progress. I don’t sleep all the time anymore. Weird things happened. After years of depression and constant medication, it’s like I sort of went through a cosmic healing “tube” and popped out totally well on the other side. The ride was a bit freaky, but I knew something really odd was taking place and that I was getting well so I kept on taking the products. It’s like I got out of mental prison. I must have moved up a vibration level or something. I think I’m sane now. My kids also think I’m sane, so it must not be an illusion. I’ll write tomorrow and tell you the details. I don’t know which product did it. I quit taking antidepressants. I really think they had dried out my brain. I can’t get enough water. I drink so much water it’s incredible. But the most incredible thing is that I never have to get up in the night to pee anymore. I used to drink less than half this much water and I never slept through the night.

    “I still need more energy and general focus and drive, so I’m trying the HGH. I cleared up the horrible cystic acne my son had. I think it was the Zynergy that did it. Thanks!”

  • ~~~~~~~~~~”Dear Jason, some experiences and opinions:

    “Your Ormus were the first I discovered, then I did try other products but they lack in energy, or I need very high dosage to feel something, or they are not “magic”: they can do something but, sure, they are not the Stone. I have respect for only another one brand.

    –I remember perfectly the first time I took 6 drops of Portal: I was writing a letter and after few minutes my mind was very efficient and clear

    –a day I took a very high dosage of Portal: immediately I felt a strong thrilling around solar plexus, really strong , really magic

    –when I took too much zynergy I was not able to stay firm, to stay sit down, I had to walk, to do something but this was not a trouble, this energy is beautiful

    –during a three days fast along zynergy(high dosage) I was blessed with a flow of love, the world loose importance and even the perception of time was different: I understood that my ego was something separate from my real soul, it is like a cloth not more not less. I will repeat the fast using Portal along Rhodium and Iridium. The perception of love was similar to when I detached from the body because an accident (I loose much blood) around 20 years ago: I loved everything and everybody, a wonderful peace around me.

    “Few days ago I got classic flu-symptoms: I was weak, cold, pain in stomach, without appetite, etc. Ok, I made my magic potion :-))) : 8 drops Rh + 8 Ir + 1 full dropper Portal. Fastly I regained energy, overall I was better but not ok, I got an headache because energy was fighting another little dosage before to sleep next morning I was better but not healed: took another 8+8+1; after 3 or 4 hours I forgot to be sick, I was euphoric, I was healed.

    “But what impressed me about Rh/Ir is this: when this energy meet an old injury or something wrong in the body it meets resistance, I feel it like a pressure or a little “pain.” My feeling is that this energy try to overcome the resistance, tries to restore the correct flow. If this is true, this is a big result in my opinion. Rh/Ir accelerate metabolism, I know because in high dosage I need more sleep: the body is regenerating, but along Portal the need of sleep vanish.

    New Portal I feel is different from the old one, it is very good. But it becomes really strong and really amazing when I take it along Rh/Ir: Portal’s energy is different from Rh/Ir, when they combine together become something special! I know you are enthusiastic about Zynergy, but in my opinion the magic formula is about: 1xRh + 1xIr + 2xPortal. Zynergy has an amazing energy but I think this formula is even better, my intuition told me it is something of more complete and “pure” that Zynergy ( it is only my opinion).

    Zptech is on the right way, I am “in a hurry” to try the next generation, in the while I will do experiments with Po/Rh/Ir.

    Alberto, Italy


    ~~~~~~~~~~July 25th. 2003
    To the folks at ZPTech,

    “I rarely have, or take, the time to respond to the maker, or provider of a product. However, I am so impressed by yours that in all good conscience I feel compelled to do so. My spouse and I have been dealing with nagging health problems for years. We are late middle age. In the last few years we have educated ourselves dramatically as regards health and nutrition. And have made many changes in diet and lifestyle. We use a water filter/ionizor for all drinking water, we use green food supplements, eat mostly raw food, with wholegrains, no dairy, etc. Lately we did bowel and liver cleanses, and have been adding extra oxygen using hydrogen peroxide. One of us has/is struggling with systemic Candida and what seems to be a congenitally derived case of fibromialga, aches, pains, low energy, depression. The other just low energy, some depression, lack of motivation, low libido, possible prostate enlargement, dificulty losing those “last” ten pounds, etc.. Now overall, we’ve made progress and have become much healthier. But, I still sensed all was not as it ought to be. I looked into “Scalar”or “Zeropoint” energy, trying to find the best way to absorb and utilize it. I had experienced it a few times in my life and found it remarkable, but fleeting…unsustainable. As I read the literature/descriptions/commentary on your site, it sounded feasible and hopeful. We started with the 1/2 oz. Zynergy as a trial. I noticed feelings right away and changes/effects within days soon after. Later, as I checked around I found no other monatomic/ormus makers offering Indium. The importance of indium alone cannot be overstated. (I’ve been doing my homework) So to have it combined with the others makes for a very effective tonic/elixir…(choose your word). It’s only been three weeks, (we used up the 1/2 oz. after 12 days and continuing with a 2 oz. bottle and Aquamin). The Zynergy was definitely noticed, but when we added the Aquamin we realized just how mineral deficient we were, despite all that we were doing to cover that particular base. To put it in an analogy, after only three weeks, the addition of Zynergy and Aquamin to our current regimen is like comparing the feeling of riding a strong horse, to a space shuttle launch.

    “We are really getting breakthroughs! In ALL areas. The type and quality of your product/s is beyond question as far as I am concerned, and I hope you will continue the same or better. Please do all you can to keep the cost within reach. We are just able to afford it. This will certainly make a difference for all seekers of health, both Body and Spirit. [Note: we have lowered our prices since this was written.]

    “On the spiritual side, as regards psychic, paranormal experiences and such, I can see the potential as I am no stranger to altered states. I definitely feel the balancing affect and sense the increase in my vibrational level. Sometimes at night when settling down I can literally feel the vibration. The first time I felt it I was amazed and sensed that a change was beginning. We are doing a meditation program that uses entrainment frequencies (inaudible sound through earphones) to cause the hemispheres to come into balance. It works incredibly well, and can and does bring up some dark side material, ie. toxic emotions, negative realizations, etc. but with the addition of Zynergy the process is greatly enhanced with the added benefit of additional energy which offsets nicely the “overwhelm and downside” of facing your demons (so to speak).

    “In fact, I believe I was “led” to your site. Having not heard of monotomics, or Indium, despite coverage of countless nutritional and scaler energy, healing, etc. websites. I’d been asking the Lord for further direction in this ongoing health, energy, and personal growth issue, as I knew something was yet missing, despite all the other diet changes, cleansing, oxytherapy, etc. I simply typed in to a search engine OXYGEN, ENERGY and up comes MSM, I was’nt looking for MSM per say, but I went ahead and clicked on just one (of the many) url’s, it just happened to be ZPTech. As I read about monotomics, Indium, Gold, etc., I felt very strongly that I had found the missing link. I ordered that day a trial 1/2oz. of Zynergy. Later on the way home I prayed casually that (hoping) this “stuff” was everything it was claimed to be. I was immediately answered in the Spirit…”It is”…

    “So…would I not be somewhat accurate is saying that “Zynergy” has been a “Godsend”??? ;-)”Big Smiles from LGD. Portland, OR


    “There are two different comments I would like to share with you, one is of a spiritual nature the other is of the physical.

    “I would like to share the first incident that occurred when I first started taking Zynergy. When I ordered the Zynergy I knew I wasn’t suppose to take it right away (can’t tell you exactly why because I don’t know, it was just a feeling). I started taking the Aquamin first, it’s a mineral supplement to add to water. I took the Aquamin for several weeks then I took my first dose of Zynergy. I took 3 drops only, the next day I took 3 more drops. The 3rd day I didn’t take it, I felt there was a choice to be made before I took the 3rd one but I didn’t know what it was. I prayed about this and wanted an answer before I proceeded.

    “Two nights later I had a dream (I’ve been keeping a dream journal for the last five years). I interpreted this dream and the message was clear to me. It was a major time of decision for me, it was an opportunity to check out or go toward my destiny which would lead to completion in this life. The check out part wasn’t scary, it was showing a place of beauty and restfulness. The completion part was showing me I would be on the outside of what is considered normal in this world and not much liked or understood by the world. This was the answer I was waiting for; I took my third dose and knew after the decision was made I could take it everyday. After my 3rd dose I had another experience that is too personal to share right now, but I can say it showed me something in myself I had to see so I could release it. It was painful but I thank God it was shown to me.

    “The second is of the physical that I would like to share. About 5 years ago my family and I went on vacation to Padre Island Texas. We had a great time but I came back with skin damage on my right cheek, it was red and blotchy and never went away; as a matter of fact the time I have spent over the last several years in my garden and outside has made it worse. I have been taking Zynergy for about 3 weeks now, last week I noticed that there are small areas in this blotchy area that are clearing out and the whole area is getting lighter and fading; loosing its deep redness. Along with taking it internally I have been experimenting so I put it in my face oil. The face oil is an Edgar Cayce remedy, you use 1 part camphor oil to 3 parts olive oil, I always make one ounce at a time, to this I added 3 drops of Zynergy. Well that’s it so far, I’ll keep in touch. This time I’ve ordered The Portal. I’ll let you know what differences I notice.

    Thanks for everything, “Linda C, Austin, TX


    “Just wanted you to know I got my order and took 5 to 6 drops. What a rush it is now 10:30 pm and I am still wide awake. This is the first time I have ever felt anything from a product I have taken. I think you have something in Zynergy. Can’t wait to see what the long term effects are.”

    David L.


    “I have been taking Zynergy since November, about 3 months at 3 or 4 drops per day, first thing in the morning. I am 51 years old, and I have fibromyalgia, and feel the Zynergy has indeed made positive changes for me. The pain and fatigue have greatly diminished, and the ‘cycling’ is less severe. But the most amazing thing is that I stopped menstruating 5 years ago, abruptly, and 2 days ago I woke up to a surprise: I’m having a period! My husband couldn’t believe it, me neither, but I have this ‘ageless’ feeling, like I am starting to live all over again, I retired from nursing 2 years ago, now I want to go back to work and start a new career!

    “There are other changes too, I sleep better at night, and I ‘travel’ the universe and meet with spirit entities who talk to me and share insight about the day’s events, how to deal with current situations and life in general. I seem to have less concern about the future, and less regret for past mistakes, they don’t seem to matter, all that matters is now, our ‘gift’ of today, that’s why it’s called ‘the present.’ And then there is the perpetual ‘happy’ feeling, for no reason, not exactly euphoria for me as others describe, but just enjoying people and day to day events are just a matter of course but not a drag.”

    Regards,Michele, Arkansas


    “By the way, I’m taking the Zynergy and allergy season has come upon us. I still have symptoms but this has been the best year so far. I didn’t get the usual sinus infection nor lack of energy that I have in the past. So I beleive that my immune system has improved greatly from taking Zynergy. I’m still a big believer of this product.”

    – Nancy, Grapevine, TexasAnd another:

    “Just to update you on how I’m doing. I went on a workout program beginning of August while taking Zynergy and I lost 13lbs. I feel great! I have 7 more to go. Muscles are toned up and I’m able to run as fast, if not faster, than my dogs on an obstacle course. The first week of my workout program was amazing while taking Zynergy. I experienced a euphoria after my workouts.

    “I’ve been off everything for a week now. I just wanted to take a break. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it gives me an idea of what’s going on with my body. For example, I was having tingling in my feet and the tingling has gone now. Energy level has tapered off but not a great deal. I feel pretty normal compared to the high energy, positive attitude, thinking clearly and just feeling great all the time when I’m on Zynergy. I’ve been taking 5 drops a day of Zynergy. I’m wondering if that is too much if my feet were tingling. I’m still getting the tone. Is it a good idea to take a break from this stuff? I’m curious to see how I feel once I start Zynergy again.

    “Thanks again for all the great information on your website and the opportunity to try a product that actually makes me feel great.”

    Nancy, Grapevine, Texas ~~~~~~~~~~

    “Since I started taking the Portal and Zindium I have a significant increase in energy and am feeling great overall. I wasn’t able to do very much before because my feet hurt all the time or I was always tired. Now, once I get started on a project, I have been able to keep going and still feel great and ready to do more. I have a positive attitude and outlook on everything. I have been able to deal with difficult people that I was not able to deal with before (except one of my son-in-laws). I am now taking the Zynergy and feeling even better. It’s amazing and I would not be able to accomplish what I have without these products. The big test will be tomorrow when I go to the courthouse to meet with legislators for a questions session. (My daughter told me to take an extra shot of Zynergy before I go.) Jason, I hope that my testimony will help get the word out how great your products are.” – Joan, St. Paul, MN [Joan was using Zindium and The Portal and switched to the combination product, Zynergy.]


    “I used four drops [Zindium] and immediately felt a tingling energy that for a second or two I thought was going to overwhelm me. It left me feeling such euphoria! That’s one of the things about it. The other thing is my sex drive. My God, I’m following all the ladies around. I don’t know what to do but to take care of it. A guy I know that’s also using it – he’s a massage therapy trainer – says his libido is becoming something of a problem. A good problem to have! – Cal, St. George, UT


    “Each day I feel as if I have just gotten really happy. Like I’m in a great mood for no reason at all. I wake up refreshed and with a smile on my face ready to skip to work. These past 2 days (after a full dropper) I’ve been so happy I felt like I was gonna start bouncing off the walls with joy for no apparent reason at all. I guess you could also say (as others have) that I am living more in the moment and not thinking about the future or the past as much as I had been. I am really enjoying taking this product [The Portal] and look forward to continuing to do so for as long as my pocketbook allows. I was considering taking one of your lesser versions of this product. But since many products I have taken in the past that others have praised I have noticed nothing from, I figured I’d try your “best.” And so far it seems to be living up to it. – Brian, Las Vegas, NV


    “After taking The Portal, I have had too many experiences to actually mention. One positive side effect is the attraction this stuff has on Women. They seem to fall head over heels for me now. I have also found numerous health benefits and feel quite prepared for life’s problems. Energy flows throughout my body now and have had too many dreams that have changed my outlook on life.” – Mark, Belton, MO


    “I do not have any significant side effects or reactions to report. Although, I do feel better overall. I feel something very positive is happening to me but I can’t seem to identify exactly what it is. I had more energy level at the beginning but now it has subsided. I actually feel rested in the mornings. I normally would feel sluggish and have a hard time waking up. I also feel more alert. My thinking process has been quicker to react to questions and situations. I feel calmer, more relaxed. I used to be a soda drinker. I have now lost the taste for soda and have cravings for just water. These are the little things I have noticed but can’t seem to narrow it down to any particular thing.” – Nancy, Grapevine, TX [Nancy is using Zindium and The Portal, and now Zynergy, and has a testimonial above.]


    About The Portal – “It is the most positive energy of any I have ingested to date. It seems to correct the negativity in the biosystem allowing the m-states [monoatomics] to be well utilised.” – Farrell, Spicewood, TX



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